Can you make money online with eBay Classified Ads

I don’t know about you, but for me this Internet Marketing thing is all about making money. There is no point of doing something that takes so much work as Internet Marketing if you are not going to make some money. Making real money online as you may know is not an easy thing, many have tried and failed and many more will follow.

I have been trying to make this thing work for quite some time know and I have tried almost everything out there. PPC, SEO, Ad sense, List building and more, but the one that has worked for me is Adwords and email marketing.

Making money with those too takes a lot of work to get things right and also some money to invest in building the list. Therefore I am always looking for new or inexpensive ways to grow my list and make more money as an affiliate.

I am currently subscribed to a guy that is supposedly and eBay guru and from time to time I get emails about products related to eBay. A couple of days ago I got an email form him telling me about a book called eBay Classified Profit that teaches you how to make money as an affiliate or product owner using eBay classified ads.

I don’t know about you but I am not an eBay guy and I have never heard of eBay classified ads before. The only reason I am on his list is because long time ago I was thinking of doing some eBay selling, but never did.

Even though I have never heard of those ads, I clicked the link in the email and 10 minutes later, for my surprise, I was ordering the book. As I said I don’t do eBay at all, but it turns out that those classified ads on eBay allow you to have links to any site and that was enough of a reason for me to make a purchase.

I got my book, red it once, twice and then I was on my way to set up my first ad. I’ve decided to test thing out and see if I can get some more subscribers to my list using eBay classified ads. I had no problem setting up the ad thankfully to the eBay Classified Profit guide and I was done in a little less than 35 minutes.

I have a simple on page site that offers free report if you sign up for my newsletter and what I did in my eBay ad is I just listed some of the main points on my site and I put a link to it. I also copied my whole page and set up a new list in my auto responder so I can see exactly how many people I get from my ad.

I was a little skeptical that the whole thing it will work at all, but for my surprise I got 3 subscribers in the first two days. By the 8 day I had 127 hit on my eBay ad resulting in 18 sign ups and the best part of all is that to list the classified ad on eBay was only $9.95 for 30 days. Compared to PPC cost eBay ads are almost free.

I am quite surprised with the results and the next thing I am going to try is to use an affiliate link in my ad and see if I can make some sales by sending people straight to the sales page of the product owner.

I guess after all I’ve found another cheap and easy way to make some money online in addition to my PPC and email marketing efforts. With a little more work and some experimenting I think it is possible to actually make some good money using eBay classified ads.

eBay Classified Ads has worked for me and they will work for anybody that is doing online business. If you are looking for easy and inexpensive way to do Internet Marketing successfully, head over to: