Smart Tips To Choose a Hijab

Today, variations of the hijab has been greatly expanded, but not all of it fit the style used by everyone. Indeed, there are things to consider in choosing a veil or hijab so that later we have no regrets. What are ya that must be considered in the dress hijab?

1. Syar’i

How the syar’i hijab? Surely that cover her hair, behind his back and chest. Before we go on the style and model, make sure we’ve covered the veil of our bodies in accordance with Islamic law as Muslim.

2. Model and Shape

Choose the model and shape that suits your face. For the inner veil, hijab is recommended inner ninja now widely marketed. Coveringnya area farther to the chest and it will be very beneficial when we use rectangular scarf or pashmina. For style veil, choose according to face shape. We have had many creations hijab is also often Vemale share here, for the hijabers. If you do not want complicated, is now available instantly pashmina or scarf, but note the inlet face shape and yes, Ladies.

3. Color and Motif

Choose a color that matches the skin and clothing to be used. Basically any color can now be used for all skin types, but we must also adjust our clothes. When you use a pashmina with a pattern, try the color will not make you look odd appearance. Some time ago the trend was very much flowery chiffon. Currently pashmina motive was more developed as tie dye, tribal, stripes, tartan, etc.

4. Material

Choosing the same as choosing an impression material, but do not forget to prioritize comfort. Impression of a beautiful, light and luxurious materials like chiffon and paris could be an option. Material like this is suitable for you who want to look special or attending a special event. Materials pashmina or rayon shirt, suitable for use in everyday casual and comfortable look. Viscose material that is usually on both sides of the tassel ends are suitable to give the impression of stylish and classic. While the appearance of the veil satin pashmina or can also be used for a special appearance.

5. The purpose use

Do not forget to set pashmina with the purpose of use. Choose a pashmina or scarf multifunctional so that it can be used in several different moments. Or gradually collecting pashmina from a variety of materials and colors that can be combined usage.

That we must consider is the impression hijab pashmina and we buy. It’s pretty close kah? Nyamankah? Serbagunakah? Therefore, these products should be purchased on the spot. However, if you buy online, make sure you get the goods as accurately as possible. Hopefully useful, Ladies.

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