Want Free Of Acne?

Pare (Momordica charantia) is a green vegetable with a rounded oval shape is irregular. It was a bitter melon may make not so liked by many people. Vegetables are indeed different from other green vegetables, which are much-loved by the community. Although it tastes bitter, but its inherent properties is quite large, especially for curing various diseases.

Pare is a typical plant in tropical temperate regions, such as Indonesia. The plant is widely cultivated in the lowlands, such as in a field or yard. Fruit plants that propagate the elongated round shape with a length of 3.5 to 8.5 cm.

There are three types of pare, pare the lard, pare frogs, and pare the forest. Everything has a bitter taste. What distinguishes it is the form of the fruit. Pare should be consumed in sufficient quantities, because it has a good efficacy for skin care, especially for treating acne. Examples of patterns of consumption that can be done is to make it as a juice. Actually there are many ways to reduce the bitter taste of bitter melon juice when it was made. One way is to add another mix, such as honey and lemon.

To obtain maximum results, bitter melon juice or solution should be consumed three times a week. In addition to treating acne, pare also efficacious cure various diseases, such as dysentery, cough, sore throat, red eyes, fever, malaria, and so on. For this purpose, the use is fruit, seeds, flowers, leaves, and roots.

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